Image What are the different branches of philosophy?

What are the different branches of philosophy?

What are the different branches of philosophy?

Philosophy is a relative concept that defines the state of mind of each individual. It is a present for all the topics that we wish to address in this world. Yet, we can refine them into different branches according to each theme. And if we speak about them, there are 1,000 of them in the universe. Nevertheless, four branches summarize the ideas entirely and that is what we will then present you below.

The logic

The philosophy of logic is the search for universal truth. Indeed, although there are relativities on most subjects, there are still genuine truths. The purpose of the philosophy of logic is to discover the source and find out the extent of this truth. Often, it is used in everyday life and in the following fields of studies:

  • In mathematics: for the proof of calculations; 
  • In medicine: for diagnoses; 
  • In physics: to demonstrate laws and formulas.

So there are different ways to use logic to give insight into the knowledge and truth of each topic. However, logic goes far beyond facts and reality. This can create a divergence of ideas depending on each individual.


Metaphysics is based on two very distinct concepts: ontology and epistemology. Ontology is based in particular on reality. The questions revolve around what really exists. In other words, it is a philosophy that is based on real facts. We can also call it the first philosophy or discourse on what exists.

On the other hand, epistemology is based on knowledge. Otherwise, we can also define it as the discourse on knowledge. The debates are based on principles and laws that will be demonstrated in several ways. Prem Rawat adopts the philosophy of metaphysics based on the real facts of peace and its aspects in terms of knowledge.


Ethics refer to the values of philosophy. It's a concept that stands out for good and bad, and what to do and what not to do. In other words, it is a philosophy that decides the positive and the negative of a subject. For Prem Rawat, he focuses on social equity by ensuring and preaching the benefits of peace in the world.

However, ethics diverge according to the community and society in which everyone has lived. Something can be ethically acceptable in one given place whereas in another place, it can be condemned and may even cause to judge the person who is doing it.


It is the philosophy that defines external beauty. Like ethics, it is a very divergent philosophy that depends entirely on everyone's way of seeing. A work of art is beautiful for one person, but maybe not for others. An abstract painting for example, is extraordinary for connoisseurs but a real mess for ordinary people who can't make anything of it.

It, however, does not claim the inexistence of a universal beauty. The branches of philosophy are summarized with its four themes, but we can still expand the list in detail. This has shown the outline of the ideas that philosophy addresses in all its forms.

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